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Vintage Shocker

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I’m a huge Beatles fan, so the other night I decided to watch the movie “Help!” which I hadn’t seen in maybe 20 years. It’s not great, but it has its moments. Not far into the film, there’s a scene in which the cult members led by Leo McKern’s Clang attempt to cut off Ringo’s hand while the Beatles dine in an Indian restaurant (they need the big red ring that’s stuck on his finger for their human sacrifice ceremony.) After failing in the attempt, Clang pulls his minion Bhuta aside and, as the characters face the camera, makes a hand gesture. Twenty years ago, I thought nothing of it. But now that gesture has a new and mildly obscene meaning. In the interest of recognizing classic moments like these from the history of cinema, I present this graphic…

There are certain anatomical impossibilities that likely explain the look on Bhuta's face.

There are certain anatomical impossibilities that likely explain the look on Bhuta’s face.

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September 23, 2014 at 9:23 pm

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The Dog Messiah

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The dogs keep following me around the house like I'm their Messiah. Well, here's my first commandment: Thou shalt not ram thy nose into the Messiah's crotch when he's on his way to the kitchen. Amen.

The dogs keep following me around the house like I’m their Messiah. Well, here’s my first commandment: Thou shalt not ram thy nose into the Messiah’s crotch when he’s on his way to the kitchen. Amen.

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September 16, 2014 at 9:48 pm

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Pugs and Crime Scene Investigators…

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I own a pug. His name is Lewis and he’s reasonably agreeable little guy. He loves everybody unless they happen to be walking/biking/skateboarding/driving past then house – then they get barked at. If one of these people happens to come inside, though, they are most welcome and Lewis will run up, introduce himself, and beg for attention.

This is the face that's going to get me sent up the river...

This is the face that’s going to get me sent up the river…

So, generally, he’s a good dog. But thanks to centuries of inbreeding, pugs have a host of medical problems. Besides the bug

eyes, bad hips, wonky legs, and the tendency for parts of his nose to fall off in chunks, Lewis occasionally gets bladder stones. This has led to several expensive vet bills for me, and a medicinal diet for him. He is only allowed to eat his prescription dog food and nothing else.

This creates problems because dogs love treats, and Lewis is no exception. Before his bladder problems started, I would keep some dog treats around the house for him. At first I used them as rewards for training purposes, but if you’ve ever had a pug, you know that training them is a pointless and unrewarding endeavor, so eventually I just gave him the treats if he made it through the day without pooping on the carpet.

But once he started the medicinal diet, I couldn’t give him treats and I felt bad about it. At our normal treat time, he would look at me, breathe loudly (as they do), with one eye looking into my eyes and the other pointed over my right shoulder, appearing to wonder why I was holding back on the treats. EventualIy, I asked the vet there were any treats he could have, and she recommended carrots or celery.

That sounded pretty unlikely but I tried it anyway. I got a nice baby carrot, cleaned it off and set it down in front of him. He sniffed it a bit and then turned around and  waddled away. Frankly, I was a surprised. Lewis isn’t known for his discerning palate. I’ve seen him lick up puddles of brown water from an overflowing toilet. I’ve seen him eat another dog’s poop. I’ve seen him drag a used maxi-pad out of the bathroom trash container and chew on it.

Yet somehow carrots are beneath his contempt?

As for that maxi-pad – my girlfriend at the time (now my wife) came over one night and left one in the bathroom trash (which is way better than flushing them, so I was grateful for that). I walked in sometime later and found Lewis sitting in the middle of the bathroom floor contentedly chomping on the pad, blood everywhere.

So, I cleaned it up and eventually got the kind of bathroom garbage can that Lewis couldn’t get into. But I can’t help being afraid that one day, for some reason, I’m going to be falsely accused of murder. And the CSI’s will be in my bathroom, looking for evidence, spraying it down with Luminol, then checking it out with their special black light:

Ruggedly handsome CSI with a vaguely British Accent: Chief! Come check this out!

Former 80’s movie actor who still retains some of his good looks and whose age gives him a paternal bearing: Whaddaya got?

CSI: Blood everywhere. And look over here. It looks like somebody licked it up!

Chief: Sick bastard. He’s going away for a long time.

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September 6, 2014 at 7:35 pm

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